It’s snowing in parts of the UK today, but will we see any in Wirral & Liverpool ?


Parts of the UK woke up to snowfall today, which isn’t unusual for April, but it only usually happens around 2.3 days in the month.

Twitter users in Brighton filmed the unusual scene as they woke to find the white stuff falling from the air.

Unfortunately, there is no sign that Merseyside will see snow, as most of the snow is falling on higher ground in the North of the UK.

There is a chance that by evening there could be some sleet/hail showers, but these will mostly fall further inland towards the manchester area.

The chillier weather comes as a big change, as this week saw temperatures hotter than Southern France.

The colder temperatures that’s bringing the chiller weather is all due to arctic air from the north sweeping the UK.

Although the weather will be mostly dry and bright this weekend, temperatures won’t climb above 8C on Merseyside.

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