Storm Katie has been named and will batter the UK during easter weekend


The Met Office have named the 11th storm since last autumn.

This is due to the strong winds and heavy rain that is expected throughout Easter Monday that will be brought in by Storm Katie.

It’s expected that the southern half of the UK will see the strongest of the winds where 70mph gusts are possible.

On Merseyside gusts are expected to reach speeds of 40-50mph at costal areas, which still could generate large waves.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 16.58.18
Met Office warning map for Saturday
Frank Saunders, Chief Operational Meteorologist, said: “Southern England and south Wales will see very strong winds from the early hours of Monday morning.

“There is the potential for gusts of 50-60mph in inland areas. Exposed south- and west-facing coasts could even see gusts of around 70mph, with the possibility of large waves.

He added: “There is currently some uncertainty about the track that Storm Katie will take, so we urge everyone, especially those travelling on Easter Monday, to look out for the latest information from the Met Office.”

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