This winter has been the warmest since records began for England and Wales, say Met Office

Hilbre Island sunset. CREDIT: Kirsty Bakstad
Although its been very chilly recently, according to the Met Office England and Wales have just seen the warmest winter ever since the record began in 1910, while it was the third-warmest for the UK as a whole.

The south of the UK saw the warmest overall temperatures, with mean temperatures across much of the area more than 2C above average.

In the Central England Temperature record series, the longest temperature record in the world dating back to 1659, this winter has been the second-warmest at 6.7C, just behind  the previous record of 6.8C set 1869.

During January plants across Merseyside and the rest of the UK sprung into life as we recorded unseasonably warm temperatures, at times January temperatures reached over 20C.

Plants started to bloom during winter at Woodside. CREDIT: Kev Thorpe
As well as being the warmest ever winter in England and Wales, it has also been the wettest in the record series for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and the second-wettest for the UK as a whole just behind the winter of 2013/2014.

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