Shocking video shows people risking their lives to wave watch on Wirral

risk waves3
Trapped by the tide

Large waves like today can often be entertaining to watch, however, getting too close can pose a threat.

This footage filmed at Egremont by Mark Beale who apparently filmed the footage a few weeks ago but sent it to us on Wednesday, shows how people got far too close to watch storm generated waves and highlights the dangers of getting too close.

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risk waves2
Couple bowled over by a large wave

At one point a couple are knocked down and a father and child are close to being bowled over by a huge wave.

When we asked Mark about why he sent in the footage he said: “I just want people to be aware of the dangers that could be caused and in the past have taken people lives”

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Watch the shocking video below: 

The coastguard issued advice on watching large waves: “Strong waves often contain rocks, pebbles and stones which could injure the public as gale force nine winds can create waves up to 10m high.

They added: “Getting hit with large waves is like getting hit with a brick wall.

“It can be very dangerous, and we advise people to stay at a safe distance.”

Remember if you are thinking of filming some footage for us we strongly advise doing it from a safe distance!