There is other life out there: First ever flower grown in space


This is the first ever flower to be grown in space.

US astronaut Scott Kelly announced the historic news that a zinnia plant had flowered on the International Space Station on his Twitter account.

Nasa say the other space lifeforms will “help scientists understand how plants flower and grow in microgravity”.

The earth based plants can not only help astronaut understand life in space but can have a positive impact on crew morale.

Alexandra Whitmire, of the NASA Human Research Programme said: “Plants can indeed enhance long-duration missions in isolated, confined and extreme environments – environments that are artificial and deprived of nature.

“While not all crew members may enjoy taking care of plants, for many, having this option is beneficial.

She added: “In future missions, the importance of plants will likely increase given the crews’ limited connection to Earth. Studies from other isolated and confined environments, such as Antarctic stations, demonstrate the importance of plants in confinement, and how much more salient fresh food becomes psychologically, when there is little stimuli around.”

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