Cold temperatures will give way to milder weather on Merseyside

Return of Atlantic fronts will mean windier weather

After a cold start to the week on Merseyside, milder weather will return.

The cold weather that has been felt recently on Merseyside will continue into the early part of the new week.

Temperatures will struggle to reach above 4C until midweek with mostly dry weather, at times it could feel closer to -3 due to a lack of cloud, especially on Tuesday.

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Parts of Merseyside saw snow on Saturday night. Here’s the scene in Prescot

But for those that can’t stand the colder weather, you’re in luck, from Thursday milder air will return to the UK allowing temperatures to recover into double figures by the weekend.

The downside, Atlantic weather fronts will return, which means wetter and windier weather will be back.

MERSEY SNOW CHANCE: If it was snow you were hoping for then you may be disappointed as it looks as if we won’t see any this week. Milder weather will certainly cancel out any hopes of snowfall into the following week.

Met Office forecaster Charlie Powell said: “By the time we get to Thursday it will be 10C in the South-West, and on Friday we will probably be into double figures a bit more widely.

“It won’t be as mild as we saw in December, but it certainly will be mild for this time of year.”

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