Mild & wet December breaks UK weather records

Plenty of plant life at Woodside in December. CREDIT: Kev Thorpe

The Met Office have confirmed that December has been record breaking both for its warmth and rainfall in the UK.

The UK mean temperature (1-29 December) was a record breaking 8.0 °C which is 4.1 °C above average. The previous record was 6.9 °C in 1934.

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Daffodils in Central Park Wallasey

This means that the temperatures in December 2015 were closer to those normally experienced during April or May.

Rainfall through the month also broke records, the UK saw it’s second wettest December on record.

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The year 2015 as a whole made it in to the top 10 wettest years on record since 1910, with 1270mm falling through the year.

The wettest year is 2000 with 1337 mm and most of the other years in the top 10 have occurred since 1998.