Merseyside firefighters rescue a trapped family of four during york floods


Merseyside Firefighters rescued a family from their flooded car yesterday.

Firefighters used an inflatable sled to rescue 2 adults and 2 children from a car trapped in floodwaters that were around a metre high.

The floods in York are said to be the worst floods to hit the historic city in over a decade.

Streets have turned into rivers, many properties are without power and businesses have been flooded due to areas being inaccessible.

Emergency Services from around the country are assisting local services to rescue and help people trapped during the floods.

Lancashire, Cumbria, West and North Yorkshire and now York itself have also supplied fire crews and other emergency service personnel to help with the rescue efforts.


Dave Foulkes, Station Manager and currently Welfare Officer for firefighters crewing the rescue boat in York said:

‘What is becoming more and more apparent is the fantastic attitude of the many people affected. They demonstrate an amazing community spirit and willingness to help each other in this testing time.

The appreciation being shown by the victims of this flood to the Emergency Responders is overwhelming.’

In September this year parts of Wirral were hit by flooding which saw 100’s of people evacuated from their homes in Moreton:

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