PICTURES: Unseasonable weather means it feels more like spring on Wirral


It’s been one of the mildest Decembers in the last 50 years, as weather that is usually associated with spring has warmed the region.

Flowers bursting into bloom is usually a sight during Easter rather than Christmas, but this year southern air spreading across the UK has meant a dramatic increase in temperatures, nearly 10C above average to be exact.

Kev throne sent us these pictures of plenty of plant life in full bloom at Woodside:

Greg Dewhurst, a forecaster from the Met Office, said: “The weather pattern has brought low pressure after low pressure, with mild conditions from the south.

“We would normally expect a variation in the wind direction at this time of year, with wind from the north bringing high pressure and leading to overnight frosts and fog.

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“It’s christmas but the flowers are blooming in the garden”. CREDIT: Tom Munns

He added: “But because it has been so mild, windy and cloudy it has not allowed for colder weather to settle in.”

Mathew Hayes sent us these pictures of his plant life getting ready to spring to life in his back garden on Wirral:

The warmest day ever recorded in December was 18.3C in Scotland on 2 December 1948, and the warmest night was 15C in Wales on 12 December 1994.

Weather forecasters say that both these records could be broken by Saturday as temperatures over 15C are expected on Merseyside.

Although the warmer weather, the weekend is expected to be mostly cloudy with rain at times.

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