So much for a white Christmas, UK could see hottest December day in nearly 70 years

A man with an umbrella in the rain

This week is set to see very mild temperatures for the time of year, forecasters predict that the warm temperature of 18.3C recorded in 1946 in Scotland could be broken this week, making it the warmest ever.

The mild weather is due to begin on Wednesday and continue over the weekend, beating New York at 7C and San Francisco at 13C.

Even Merseyside could see temperatures of up to 15C on Saturday, which is 10 degrees warmer than the usual December weather.

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The mild weather will sit over Britain, as the position of the Jet Stream will bring warmer air from southern Europe.

Met Office meteorologist Emma Sharples said: “As we go into the second half of the week we might well see temperatures reaching 15 to 16C predominantly in central and Southern parts.

“But even Northern England could see temperatures that high as well.

“The average maximum temperature for the UK in December is 6.7C – so it’s potentially almost 10C above average which is fairly exceptional for the time of year.


Towards Christmas week Atlantic low pressure systems could bring spells of wet and windy weather in time for Christmas and New Year.

The Atlantic unsettled weather will see us through the festivities and that should cancel out any hopes of widespread Christmas snow as temperatures remain will on the mild side.

There’s likely to be some further spells of wet and windy weather and there is the potential for some stormier conditions just before Christmas, so forecasters will be watching for any possible impacts on pre-Christmas travel.

Potential for some windy weather over Christmas
A forecaster at the Met Office has said: “Mild and unsettled conditions look set to dominate the weather for the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.

“Bands of rain are expected to spread across the country with some heavy bursts in places, especially in the west and across the north.

“Strong winds are possible, with gales or severe gales at times”.

Some forecasters believe that January is expected to turn colder with further stormy weather and February is believed to be the coldest month of winter when we have the highest chance of seeing some snow.

We will have a more detailed look at the Christmas & New Year weather next week.

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