Weather for the week ahead on Wirral & Liverpool


It will be a rather damp and cloudy week on Merseyside with temperatures climbing into double figures by midweek.

Grey and cloudy start on Monday with odd spots of rain. Staying unsettled with further patchy rain or drizzle on Tuesday.

Heavier rain is expected on Wednesday and Thursday with strong winds and some brighter spells, it’ll start to feel milder by midweek. The weekend could see further rain showers.

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Forecasters say that the wet and windy theme will continue throughout the rest of December and into January, meaning it’s looking unlikely Merseyside will see snow on Christmas Day.

A forecaster at the Met Office has said: “Mild and unsettled conditions look set to dominate the weather for the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.

“Bands of rain are expected to spread across the country with some heavy bursts in places, especially in the west and across the north.

“Strong winds are equally likely, with gales or severe gales at times”.

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