Weather for the week ahead on Wirral & Liverpool


Mostly cloudy with the chance of some brighter spells at times

A succession of weather fronts will bring bands of rain across the UK this week, although any associated winds aren’t expected to be as strong as the previous week.

In between rain showers there could be some bright spells at times on Merseyside.

Monday – Mainly cloudy with some brightness, but further rain will arrive from the west later. Expected to be the windiest day of the week. Very mild. Max Temp 14°C. Max Wind Gust: 40mph

Tuesday – Cloudy with some sunny intervals and blustery showers, showers could turn heavier for a time. A mild start, but colder into the afternoon. Max Temp 11°C.


Wednesday – Mainly cloudy with the chance of some showers. Windy. Max Temp: 12°C. Max Wind Gust: 35mph

Thursday – Mainly dry with some bright, risk of some showers. Winds easing a little. Max Temp: 9°C.

Friday –  Cloudy, some rain towards evening. Max Temp: 9°C.

STORM UPDATE: At present there’s nothing to suggest there will be a named storm this week, winds will be calmer than last week.

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