The Week Ahead: Temperatures to return to normal on Merseyside


Overall the up coming week on Merseyside will feature rain, cloud, strong winds at times with also the chance of some sunny spells. Daytime temperatures will recover into the double figures and will be back to average for the time of year.

It’ll be a dry cold start to the new week on Monday morning. Cloud will thicken during the afternoon, with rain spreading southwards across all parts by the early evening. Maximum Temperature 8°C.

Windy with a mix of cloud and showers on Tuesday and Wednesday with some sunny spells. Wind gusts could reach 40mph at times. Maximum Temperature 10°C.

Lighter winds on Thursday, rather cloudy with some patchy rain, chance of some brightness is possible at times. Maximum Temperature 10°C.

By Friday and the weekend there will be more wetter weather. It’ll be quite a windy weekend with potential gusts of 50mph at exposed or costal areas. The average maximum temperature will be 10°C.

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