Strong Arctic winds will give Merseyside a taste of Winter this weekend, but don’t get your hopes up about waking up to snow

Strong winds bring down trees in Bromborough on Wednesday. CREDIT: Kirsty Bakstad

The Met Office have placed Merseyside on another weather warning for strong winds through Friday & Saturday.

Wind gusts of 50-60 mph are likely, with the strongest winds lasting for only a few hours early Saturday morning.

50mph winds from storm Abigail battered New Brighton last week:

Temperatures are set to dip at the weekend as the Jet Stream will change position, allowing colder Arctic air from the North to feed in over the UK.

Daytime temperatures on Merseyside will be as low as 5C, added to the strong winds the weather will feel closer to -2, meaning wearing the scarf, hat & gloves will be essential.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 15.17.43
Met Office weather warnings

The Met Office have said that theres a chance that some places in the North West may see snow, however, the chances are very small on Merseyside so most places across the region are more likely to see rain/sleet. Any snow that does fall won’t stick as the ground is too warm.

Temperatures overnight on Friday will fall to around freezing, bringing a risk of icy patches on Saturday morning.

Lake at Central Park partly froze over during -1C temps in January

The weather at the the weekend is looking like it could be the coldest weather we’ve seen since the start of 2015.

A forecaster at the Met Office has said: “A major (but temporary) change of weather type will see the winds swing into a more northerly direction, pulling down much colder air across the whole of Britain and western Europe, after what has been an exceptionally mild first half of November.

He added: “Wintry showers will spread to many northern areas in particular and night frosts will become much more widespread.

“Within this northerly flow, a small but quite active low pressure system is expected to develop and transfer south bringing more widespread wintry conditions and gale force winds.

“At present details of both wind strengths and snow amounts are uncertain, and so look out for updates to this warning”.

Gritters on Wirral are also on standby due to the drop in temperatures according to Wirral Council:


The start of next week will feel slightly milder, as the winds pick up more of a westerly component, but it will be rather unsettled again with several areas of low pressure spreading in.

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