LIVE BLOG: Storm Barney hits Merseyside

Storm Abigail batters New Brighton last week. Click here to watch the dramatic video.

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11:25pm – Coming into land at Liverpool Airport during the wind:


11:15pm – Merseysides top wind gust:


11pm: – Tomorrows weather for Wirral & Liverpool:


10:54pm – Latest winds:

Merseyside: 38mph Gusting 62mph.

Liverpool Airport 33mph


Cheshire Police are extremely busy with fallen lamp posts, trees, scaffolding and trampolines blown down or into the road by storm barney. They say phone 101 for non emergencies.

Reports of a Merseyrail train was forced to cancel its service earlier as a trompoline was blown into the train at Birkenhead North. The train stopped full of passengers with its lights out.

9:45pm: Tree has fallen in greasby blocking the road:


9:25pm: Liverpool features in the top wind gusts tonight so far: 

9pm: This picture doesn’t do the caption justice. But these trees in storton are swaying frantically in the wind.

8:30pm: Latest Wind gusts:

8:10pm: VIDEO – Storm Barney in Liverpool


7:55pm: Driving advice from Motorways Police:


7:30pm: Flood warning for the river dee:


7:15pm: Very windy in Liverpool:



7pm: The latest wind gust observations are in:


6:40pm: Strongest of tonights winds on Merseyside seem to be towards midnight:


6:15pm: Tonight’s weather forecast for Wirral & Liverpool:


6pm: Latest wind speeds for Merseyside:

Wind Speed: 26mph

Gust: 41mph

5:45pm: More details on the Met Office weather warnings for strong winds can be read by clicking the image below:

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.01.13
Met Office warnings


5:30pm: Liverpool Airport flights are all good:


5:20pm: Storm Barney will attack..


5:05pm: Where can we expect the strongest of the winds ?


5pm: Latest video from the Met Office showing storm Barneys arrival:


4:53pm: Latest eumetsat satellite showing Barney tracking across the UK

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 16.51.50

4:45pm: Storm Barney is expected to bring stronger gusts than what we saw from abigail last week: