Second storm of the season will hit the UK on Tuesday as Storm Barney is officially named

A man with an umbrella in the rain

The Jet Streams position is driving a series of atlantic low pressure systems towards the UK.

Last week Storm Abigail tracked over the UK  with winds of 80mph in the far north and winds of around 50mph on Merseyside.

Today the Met Office have officially named the second storm of the season, Storm Barney will arrive on Tuesday.

The Met Office have issued weather warnings for the south of the UK as gusts of up to 70mph are expected.

Barney will bring heavy rain to Merseyside at times on Tuesday, according to the Met Office gusts could reach around 50mph at costal or exposed areas during Tuesday evening/night, similar to the conditions the region saw during Storm Abigail.


Temperatures are expected to decrease at the weekend and the weather will be feeling much chillier as Arctic air sweeps Britain.

A forecaster at the Met Office said: “Once we get through to Friday and Saturday, temperatures will start to decrease. Figures in the north are more in the range of six to 10, and maximum temperatures in the south will be eight to 10 degrees.”

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