Floods Destroy: Three steps to take to protect your family & home from Wirral flooding

Flooding hit parts of Wirral in September which flooded 28 homes, disrupted travel and caused hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage across the area.

Now Wirral Council is encouraging residents to take three simple steps to be prepared should flooding ever happen, helping them to protect their homes and treasured possessions.

The chances of being affected by flooding is low, but with high sea levels, rising ground water levels, burst water mains, blocked sewers and run-off following heavy rain, it can happen on Wirral.

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Moreton - Sean Reed
Moreton – Sean Reed

The floods destroy campaign highlights three simple steps people can take to help protect themselves, their family and home from flooding:

• Use the Environment Agency’s maps to find out the local risk of flooding.

• Sign up for free phone, text or email alerts from Floodline Warnings Direct.

• Prepare a personal flood plan of how to respond to a flood, including important contacts, utility company phone numbers, information on essential medication and insurance details

Bus struggles through Moreton flood water on Wednesday
Bus struggles through Moreton flood water 

Cllr Bernie Mooney, Wirral’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability, said: “Flooding can destroy lives. You may think your property is not directly at risk, but floods can happen anywhere at any time, so being prepared is the best ways to protect the things which are precious to you.

“One of the council’s key pledges is to make sure our neighbourhoods are safe, and this campaign offers three practicable steps we can all take to achieve this, helping to save time, money and distress if flooding ever happens.”

Wirral council launched the ‘Floods destroy – be prepared’ campaign in partnership with the Environment Agency, the campaign runs from 2 to 13 November.

Floods Destroy campaign poster

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