The last Supermoon of 2015 is TONIGHT & there won’t be another like it for a year

moon plant
Wirral Supermoon. CREDIT: Tom Munns

There will be one last Supermoon of 2015 tonight, infact there won’t be another supermoon like it until October 16th 2016.

Six supermoons will occur in 2016, but the first three – on March 9, April 7 and May 6 are all at new moons so these wont be visible.

The next supermoon that will be visible will be on 16th October 2016, two more occur after that, also at full moons, on November 14 and December 14.

Supermoon Halo
Supermoon Halo

A supermoon occurs as its closest approach to earth which results in the moon looking about 14% larger and 30% brighter.

The Met Office is predicting heavy cloud cover for most of the North West tonight, so spotting it on Merseyside could be quite difficult, the best we can hope for is a short break from cloud later on.

On September 28th last month, we were treated to a super blood moon that then turned reddish orange during a total lunar eclipse.

A super blood moon is when the earth blocks sunlight from a unusual larger and brighter moon, as the sunlight is scattered through earth atmosphere, the light dispersers into a reddish colour, casting a red tint onto the moon.

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Super Blood Moon over Leasowe on Wirral. Credit: Tom Munns & Sean Reed
Super Blood Moon over Leasowe on Wirral. Credit: Tom Munns & Sean Reed

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