What would the weather have been like 30 years ago if Back to the future was set in the UK ?


On 26th October 1985 Marty first travelled back in time in the Dolrean, but what would the weather have been like if they had lived in the UK 30 years ago…

The beginning of October 1985 recorded scorching temperatures of 27C in parts of the UK, which is above the average conditions for the time of year.

On the day Marty and Doc first began their adventure on October 26th, it was dry and it was quite a warm day for the time of year, as temperatures were still into the high teens.

As the month began to come to an end there was some rain but it continued to stay mostly mild, until the last few days, when on Halloween 1985 temperatures dropped to the low teens, the high in London was only 9°C.

Merseyside’s average temperature for October 1985 was 14C.

Today they arrived in the future and the weathers set to be mostly cloudy and breezy with a top temp of 14C

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