How does Back To The Future II’s prediction of an efficient weather service compare to today ?

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It’s 30 years to the day when marty & doc arrived in a futuristic 2015 with an extremely efficient weather service. But is the weather service as effective as back to the future 2 makes out ?

Doc Brown flew Marty and Jennifer from 1985 to 2015 in his flying Delorean time machine, they arrived on Wednesday, October 21.

After landing in downtown Hill Valley, California in the pouring rain, Doc said to wait only 5 more seconds before they could get out of the car without worrying about getting wet.

“Right on the tick. Amazing. Absolutely amazing,” Doc remarks when the Sun shines through the retreating clouds right on schedule. “Too bad the post office isn’t as efficient as the weather service.”

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Weather forecasts this precise may have seemed impossible to people in the 1980s, but 30 years later, advancements in technology have allowed forecasters to produce predictions that are very accurate.

The main reason behind this is to do with the satellites and supercomputers that produce the weather models that meteorologists analyze to produce their forecasts.

Supercomputers have undergone many upgrades since the 1980s to increase computing speed and computing ability, resulting in a better tool for meteorologists to use when making a forecast.

Not only have technological advancements helped make better weather models, but also the way in which forecasters access and view the data from the weather models has also helped.

In the 1980s, forecasters had to print out all of the maps and information that were produced by the models before being able to analyze the data to make a forecast.


With faster computers and forecasts instantly available to meteorologists on a laptop or desktop computer forecasters can view and analyze the data from the weather models in a matter of seconds rather than waiting for the information to be printed out before making a forecast.

If you compare the amount of weather information that a meteorologist has access to today in an eight-hour shift of weather, it is as much as a meteorologist 50 years ago would have had in an entire 40-year career.

The growth in technology available also means that the general public can easily access weather information and updates that could have only been seen at certain times of the day via a TV.

But now with the growth of the internet, advancement of home computers and mobile apps, people can now read weather updates when ever they want.

This has meant since the 80’s public services and events are more prepared and weather ready as most forecasts are accurate enough to predict the weather by the hour.

The Met Office say that their forecasts over the past 12 months 92% of three-hourly temperature forecasts have been accurate to within +/- 2°C on the current day.

So in a way Doc Browns future prediction of the weather is one of the things the movie producers got right..

Here’s how accurate the Met Office is..

Met Office Accuracy
Met Office Accuracy