Northern Lights may be visible on Merseyside again TONIGHT

Northern Lights over Hoylake - CREDIT: David Chennell
Northern Lights over Hoylake – CREDIT: David Chennell

Last week the Northern Lights (Aurora) lit up the skies above Merseyside and forecasters have said that the dramatic light show could return tonight.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association’s aurora forecast says G1 (minor) geomagnetic storms are expected “due to the onset of a positive polarity coronal hole high speed stream.”

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Tonights predicted aurora activity
Tonights predicted aurora activity

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This means that there is a chance that it could be spotted at times over Merseyside tonight, although it won’t be as strong as last weeks.

Remember to wait at least one hour until after sunset as it can’t be spotted in daylight.

Skies are expected to stay clear tonight across the region, so heading away from light pollution and looking to the north will increase your chances of spotting it.

The Northern lights are formed when highly charged particles erupt from the sun and collide with our atmosphere.

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