Time to dig out the winter woolies.. it’s going to feel colder (but it WON’T snow)

Chilly week ahead
Chilly week ahead

Moscow has had it’s first snowfall of season and the same Polar Continental airmass will bring colder winds towards the UK.

The airmass over Moscow will arrive at the UK from Sunday, meaning we may have to dust off the scarf, hat and gloves.

Temperatures are expected to hover around the 12C mark next week on Merseyside with the weather staying dry but feeling chillier than recently.

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Leon Brown, forecaster for The Weather Channel UK, said: “The main theme for next week is drier weather but also turning quite a bit colder from Sunday, jumpers, coats and a warm fire fits the bill.”

“Where skies are clear at night and winds fall light there could be some air frosts next week,” he said.

Some newspapers reported that record snowfall could be on the way due to the colder winds, the Met Office have rubbished these reports.

Met Office have rubbished reports that snow i on the way
Met Office have rubbished reports that snow is on the way

Forecaster Emma Sharples told the Independent: “It’s not really cold enough to snow and in any case it is going to be mostly dry.

“It will feel more like winter than it has done in recent weeks but the mercury will not get even close to zero.

“I think the main thing is that it will feel cold because there is going to be wind and the temperature is going to be slightly lower but at the moment there is no sign of snow.” she explained.

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