GOOD NEWS! – EX-Hurricane Joaquin will miss the UK and allow dry spells of weather on Merseyside

Ex Hurricane Joaquin heading towards europe

Forecasters are now confident that EX-Hurricane Joaquin will not hit the UK.

The Jet stream will carry the Ex-Hurricane over the south of France leaving a mostly dry few days on Merseyside.

However, winds from Russia will start to travel from an easterly direction, meaning temperatures will feel colder and below average for October with very chilly nights as we head towards the end of the week.

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Weather will feel chillier towards next week.
Weather will feel chillier towards next week.

Leon Brown a forecaster at The Weather Channel UK said: “Ex-hurricane Joaquin poses us no threat as we have been saying since Monday.

“It will split apart to our west on Friday as it comes up against the building ridge of high pressure over us with the main energy diverted south to Iberia and later the Mediterranean.

He continued: “For the UK we can expect mainly dry weather and a steady drop in temperatures as the easterly flow moves from Russia to eastern Europe and then across Germany to the UK early next week.

“Temperatures next week 2C or 3C below normal by day and some chilly nights too”

Temperatures will gradually fall in the next few days, by next week daytime temperatures will only reach a few degrees above 10C on Wirral.

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