Met Office issues Merseyside a severe weather warning for two days of heavy rain


The Met Office has issued Merseyside a yellow severe weather warning for heavy rain from 12:30pm Tuesday – 4pm Wednesday.

Low pressure travelling over the UK is set to bring some very wet conditions to Merseyside from this evening right through until tomorrow.

Many areas across the region will miss the heaviest of the rainfall on Tuesday, but the places that do see rain could see heavy, sometimes thundery and slow-moving showers.

Further slow-moving bands of heavy rain are likely to continue into Wednesday and again it will be a minority of places which see the larger totals, but where it occurs, there is the risk of localised minor flooding.

Todays warning.
Todays warning.

A forecaster at the Met Office has said: “An area of low pressure will move slowly across southern Britain today, bringing unstable air and the potential for thundery showers.

He added: “The light winds mean that the downpours will be slow-moving as well as intense in some regions, with the possibility of 15 mm or more falling in less than an hour on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Risk of thunder on Tuesday & Wednesday
Risk of thunder on Tuesday & Wednesday

Conditions are set to improve during Tuesday afternoon leaving it dry and bright right up until the weekend..

The warning comes as hurricane Joaquin could reach the UK by the end of the week bringing more showers and strong winds. READ MORE ABOUT THAT HERE.

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