Ex-Hurricane Joaquin to bring a wet and windy spell of weather to Wirral & Liverpool

Low pressure and an ex-hutticane will bring wet & windy weather
The Met Office say the UK is facing unsettled weather over the coming days on Merseyside later this week.

A low pressure system will bring on and off heavy rain from Monday to Merseyside with some sunny spells at times.

Winds are expected to peak through Wednesday as the low pressure moves away from the UK.

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Heavy rain expected this week
Heavy rain expected this week
Towards the end of the week and into next week ex-Hurricane Joaquin will may hit the UK depending on its track, this could bring even more wet and windy weather to Merseyside.

An ex-hurricane hitting the UK sounds quite dramatic, but forecasters have said that by the time it arrives it will bring typical wet and windy weather that is normal for October.

A Met Office spokesman said: ‘We won’t be experiencing anything out of the ordinary for October. It will be wet and windy with some dry spells.’

However, we will have more news on this nearer the time.

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