SUPERMOON LUNAR ECLIPSE: 6 things you NEED to know tonight


The rare supermoon lunar eclipse will be visible across the UK tonight, an event which won’t happen again for another 18 years.

WHEN ?: Early Monday morning 28th September at 3:47am

HOW LONG WILL IT LAST ?: 1 hour & 12 minutes, giving you plenty of time to photograph the eclipse.

WHY ?: The earth will block sunlight from the moon, as the sunlight is scattered through earth atmosphere, the light dispersers into a reddish colour, casting a red tint onto the moon.

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How a lunar eclipse is formed.

How a lunar eclipse is formed.

WHY IS THIS ECLIPSE SO SPECIAL ?: This eclipse is rare as it coincides with a supermoon – when the moon looks about 14% larger and 30% brighter. As the moon will be bigger and brighter this will provide an amazing rare larger reddish look at the moon.

WEATHER: Tonight is expected to be mostly clear. Although there maybe more cloud around as we head towards dawn. With the eclipse lasting an hour this should give plenty of time for some stunning views.

WHEN DID IT LAST HAPPEN: 1982 and it won’t happen again until 2033, although we are due another regular Lunar Eclipse in 2019.

Supermoon lunar eclipse details for Merseyside

Supermoon lunar eclipse details for Merseyside

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