October to start with above average temperatures, say Met Office

Liverpool in the sun
Liverpool in the sun

High pressure to build from Friday, meaning a slight increase in temperatures towards the start of October.

After the wet start to this week, high pressure will bring sunnier and slightly warmer weather on Friday and through the weekend, as the high settles over the country.

Temperatures will have increased towards the higher teens next week and into the start of October.

However, the jet stream will be close to the northwest next week and weather fronts could be steered in close to Merseyside, meaning more of a chance of cloud, wind and rain at times throughout the start of the new month.

Although there will be some cloud around there could be some sunny spells.
Although there will be some cloud around there could be some warm sunny spells.

As its autumn October nights and mornings will still remain rather chilly.

The Met Office say they still expect temperatures just above average for the start of October with a northwest-southeast split in the weather.

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