The week ahead: Could Merseyside see a rise in summer temperatures ?


Merseyside will see temperatures rise to over 20C on Thursday, as high pressure dominates the weeks weather

Forecasts are pointing to warmer summer temperatures this Thursday and Friday, as temperatures are expected to rise to at least 20C.

Forecasts also suggest that although there will be some cloud around on Thursday and Friday, Merseyside could see some sun which means temperatures could easily sneak past the 20C mark.

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There could be some cloud around on Friday..

There could be some cloud around on Thursday & Friday..

Met Office forecaster Simon Keates told the telegraph: “It’s about time we had some decent weather because August has been a bit disappointing and the first week of September hasn’t been that great.”

“Temperatures should climb higher midweek, with temperatures rising to between 19 and 23C on Thursday.

“Temperatures should be a little bit above average and feeling quite warm.”

... but temps are expected to rise.

… but temps are expected to rise.

However,  people of Merseyside shouldn’t get their hopes up as the break from cloudy damp weather is not expected to last.

The familiar grey, drizzly theme that has occurred throughout the most of the summer will return by the weekend.

“It’s looking like it will revert back to a more changeable pattern of weather, a mishmash with more rain, a more mixed bag,” Mr Keates said.

“The next four or five days looks like the best weather for the next few weeks.

“After that it’s no two days the same – not a washout but not necessarily particularly nice for any period of time.”

Although the warm spell will be short it will be a nice break for people across Wirral who saw heavy flooding on Wednesday.

With this forecast being towards then end of next week, things could change so keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.