VIDEO: Wirral homes flood and cars trapped after a months worth of rain in just 2 days

Parts of Wirral were flooded after around a months worth of rain fell in just 2 days, over 45mm has fallen since Tuesday.

People living in Moreton said their properties were “under eight inches of water” after a nearby stream burst its banks.

The Environment Agency had earlier today issued a flood alert for the area and worked with Wirral Council to clear blocked drains.

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A spokesman said: “Surface water drains and ultimately the rivers were at capacity on this occasion and unable to clear the rainfall fast enough to prevent flooding”.

Housing association Magenta Living said 28 families have had to leave their homes with Maryland Lane Community Centre opening as a crisis centre, around 100 people were evacuated in total across the area.


A mum and her three children had to be rescued from their car after the engine cut and and trapped them in rising flood water in Thornton Hough.

Watch Manager Simon Ashton from Bromborough fire station, told the echo: “The water was around 1.2 metres deep around the car.

“The water was moving quite a bit and was starting to move the car a little when we arrived.

“Firefighters in water rescue kit waded out to the man and the Search and Rescue Team brought a boat to bring the man to safety.”


Check out the video at the top of the page showing a similar car that trapped a driver in flood water.

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