Incredible pictures show a tornado in the skies over Merseyside TODAY

Crosby Beach – Karen Locke

Although technically not a tornado until it hits the ground, these dramatic pictures show a funnel cloud over Merseyside skies today.

Pictures were sent to us by our twitter followers showing the funnel cloud over Ormskirk, Liverpool, Crosby and Formby.

Amazingly, on average, around 30 tornadoes are reported each year in the UK, although these are generally much weaker than American tornadoes.

However, this wasn’t the case when a 130mph tornado ripped through Birmingham 10 years ago.

Formby - Steve Williams
Formby – Steve Williams

A Met Office spokesperson said: “Tornadoes form when the weather is ‘unstable’ and showery. They are narrow, spinning columns of air that reach the ground from thunderstorm clouds.

“As they develop we often see funnel shaped clouds extending from the base of the cloud and it is only when these funnel clouds touch the ground that we get a tornado”.

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Look through todays tornado pictures below:

Formby – Darren Brown
OrmsKirk - Lisa Allison Farrel
OrmsKirk – Lisa Allison Farrel
Liverpool – @thecustomiser
Crosby Beach – Karen Locke
Formally Beach – Karen Locke
Formby Beach – Karen Locke


Formby - Steve Williams
Formby – Steve Williams

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