WATCH: Merseyside battered by thunderstorms and torrential rain on Saturday night

Last night proved to be a very dramatic night of storms across the region.

Our Facebook and twitter followers ended up sending us some amazing videos of the storm, so we compiled the best into a video – Watch it above.

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Liverpool. CREDIT: Chris McConnel
Liverpool. CREDIT: Chris McConnel

Yesterday the Met Office had issued severe weather warnings for the area as there was a risk of thunder, lightning, heavy rain and hail.

There were reports of flooding across the region as the storms hit, Spital Dam in Bromborough was one of the areas impacted by flooding.

Police closed off streets and roads as the area became completely inaccessible due to the torrential rain.

As the storm eventually moved away, storm stories began to circulate on social media, such as lightning knocking out some of the regions tv’s and broadband connections.

But no other story could compare to Robbie Williams’s, he sent us dramatic video of a Wirral Petrol station nearly being hit by lightning.

Lightning strike captured on camera
Lightning strike captured on camera

Robbie said: “it made me jump a little, but mainly because I didn’t expect it and I was about to put the camera down.

He added: “I’ve lived in Italy and witnessed the same kind of thing most weeks, but it was just pretty cool to watch”.

A ‘Spanish plume’ pushing hot, unstable air from France to the UK was responsible for the volatile weather.

Watch the dramatic video below:

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