15 reasons why rainy days are the best

  1. Listening to it when your in bed.. probably the most relaxing thing ever.


2. That cosy feeling you get when it’s lashing it down outside while you’re in the caravan.

Credit: Simon Barlow
Credit: Simon Barlow

3. The noise it makes on the tent while you’re camping.. probably the best noise ever.

4. The noise it makes on basically anything..

5. …your hood..

6. …your Umrella..

7. …the conservatory..

8. …the wet leaves while your waiting for public transport.

9. The cool fresh air rain brings when the day has been extremely hot and stuffy.


10. Raindrops make awesome Instagram pictures.


11. Rainbows after torrential rain.. who doesn’t love a rainbow.


12. The memorising motion of a small stream of water running down the road gutter..

13. .. the noise it then makes after finding the grid.

14. The smell you get after fresh rain finds the fresh ground. (petrichor as it’s scientifically known as)


15. The relaxing hot shower you get after being cold and drenched.. probably the best feeling ever.


What’s your favourite ?. Have we missed any ?. Let us know in the comments section!

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