Met Office issues Merseyside a severe weather warning for thundery downpours on Friday.

Heavy rain expected
Heavy rain expected
The Met Office have issued Merseyside a severe weather warning for heavy rain on Friday.

An area of locally heavy rain is expected to push across Merseyside during the early morning.

MET OFFICE: Yellow warning map
MET OFFICE: Yellow warning map
The warning reads that locally heavy rainfall is likely to push across England and Wales, which could bring up to 25mm of rain throughout the day.

And because the air will be warm, there is also a chance of a few flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder too.

The heaviest of the rain is expected to ease during the evening.

The warning is in place from 12:10am – 11:50pm on Friday.

The last Thunderstorm Wirral experienced was quite dramatic, check out the footage below:

The warning comes just as Merseyside has just started to have a taste of summer, during the week temperatures are expected to hit 24C before the potentially thundery breakdown.

After Fridays rain temperatures will feel a much cooler and fresher 16C.

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