LOOK UP: When to spot the ISS throughout August on Merseyside

The International Space station will be visible throughout August on Merseyside if the weather is clear.

Just look for a fast travelling bright object!. It’s often mistaken as a shooting star or aircraft.

When can I see it ?. Read the timetable below to find out when to spot it:

  • 2nd August 11:15pm – Visible for 6 minutes
  • 3rd August 10:24pm – Visible for 6 minutes
  • 4th August 11:07pm – Visible for 5 minutes
  • 5th August 10:14pm – Visible for 6 minutes
  • 6th August 10:57pm – Visible for 5 minutes
  • 7th August 10:04pm – Visible for 6 minutes
  • 8th August 10:47pm – Visible for 5 minutes
  • 9th August 9:54pm – Visible for 6 minutes
  • 10th August 10:38pm – Visible for 4 minutes
  • 11th August 9:45pm – Visible for 6 minutes
  • 12th August 10:28pm – Visible for 4 minutes
  • 13th August 9:35pm – Visible for 5 minutes
  • 14th August 10:18pm – Visible fir 4 minutes

For more details visit the Nasa spot the station website for Liverpool HERE

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