WATCH: A 130mph tornado ripped through Birmingham 10 years ago today

Birmingham tornado damage
Birmingham tornado damage. CREDIT: Birmingham Mail

It’s 10 years ago today when a F2 tornado with winds up to 130mph ripped through Birmingham.

The tornado injured 20 people and caused £40 million of damage to homes.

It hit the city at 2:40pm on 28th July 2005 and went on to wreak havoc, ripping up trees, smashing through homes and tossing cars across streets.

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Stories of dramatic escape were heard after the tornado had hit, a toddler escaped death as a tree crashed through his bedroom causing the roof to cave in.

A woman’s leg was sliced open by a flying street sign as everyday street objects were turned into 130mph travelling missiles.

Luckily there were no reports of any fatalities.

Tornadoes are surprisingly common in the UK – more tornadoes are reported in the UK than just about anywhere else in the world. Read more about this by clicking the image below.

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