EXPLAINED: Where has the summer weather gone & Why does it feel colder ?


Many of you may be wondering why it feels more like Autumn than summer.

Usually during the summer months the Jet stream sits way to the North of the UK.

This allows low pressure systems that bring bad weather, to steer to the north and miss most of Britain, allowing high pressure to build from the south bringing warmer weather.


But this summer the Jet stream is directly above the UK, this means that low pressure systems bringing the wet, windy and cooler temperatures, are directly impacting the country.

Summer 2015 Jet Stream

As we head into August there could be some warmer sunny spells at times, but the next few weeks are mostly looking to continue the current weather trend with temps below average.

Met Office forecaster Dean Hall said: ‘it is likely the country will see more unsettled  weather with low pressure moving in from the Atlantic’.

He added: ‘The weather will be changeable, but temperatures are certainly below average for this time of year.’

The Met Office also say that another weather record could be broken, as this July is heading to be the UK’s wettest ever.

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