VIDEO: Dramatic moment toddler is rescued after being locked in a scorching 37C car

For some reason there are stupid people in this world that think it’s acceptable to leave children in locked cars on hot days.

This is what happened in a car park in Kansas recently.

Luckily a near by shop worker realised the seriousness of the situation and sprung into action to rescue the child by smashing the window.

Our chart showing the length of time it takes for temperatures inside a car to reach dangerous levels

Shop manager Sarah Oropeza who rescued the child said: “The windows were totally rolled up, all the doors were locked. She was covered in sweat.”

She added: “When I looked in the back window, she was covered in sweat. She had pulled her hair back and sweat was just dripping.”

Dramatic rescue caught on tape

The couple responsible for the girl when she was locked in the car – who are thought to be her aunt and uncle – have since been charged with child endangerment.

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