QUICK LOOK: School Summer Holidays Weather 2015

The best of the weather could be as we head into August
The best of the weather could be as we head into August

The weather we’ve seen through June and July is likely to continue throughout the most of the school summer Holidays.

This means that this week there will be a mixture of cloudy and potentailly showery conditions at times.

However, some days will provide some nice spells of sunshine, with temperatures remaining around average for this time of year.

Next week there’s a high possibility of more cloudy and rainy conditions with some chance of brightness and some spells of sunshine at times.

Looking ahead, high pressure may build as we head further into august, allowing warmer temperatures, drier and sunnier spells to develop, which will provide chances to go on some nice days out.

There is a chance during August we could see temps above average times while high pressure is dominating the weather.

If you’re looking to go on a UK holiday break, southern and eastern areas look like being the best for the driest and warmest weather.

If you’re staying on Merseyside then the best of the weather may be as we head into mid August.

Read the weather forecast for this week here.