PICTURE: NASA spacecraft arrives at Pluto after a 3 billion mile journey


The New Horizons probe spent 9.5-years to travel 3 billion miles from Earth to Pluto.

New Horizons will make contact again at 2am BST when it will send data and a preprogrammed message to confirm closest approach was successful.

There will be a long, anxious wait as NASA hold out for the signal that will be coming from almost 3 billion miles away.

New Horizons was aimed at a “keyhole” oppertuinity in space which is just 60 miles by 90 miles, and arriving at that location within a set margin of 100 seconds.

The probe will investigate not only Pluto but also its five moons: Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos and Hydra.

The first high-resolution pictures from the pass should be downlinked later on Wednesday.

We can’t wait to see different images of worlds that have never been seen before!.

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Nasa chose to debut the photo on Instagram

Nasa chose to debut the photo on Instagram