Coastguard & RNLI New Brighton rescue yacht crew stranded in dangerous conditions on Saturday

New Brighton and Southport lifeboats with yacht Credit: RNLI/Bob Warwick
New Brighton and Southport lifeboats with yacht Credit: RNLI/Bob Warwick

RNLI New Brighton, RNLI southport and a coastguard helicopter were all called into action on Saturday, as a yacht with three crew were stranded in dangerous conditions just off the Sefton shore.

The crew reported they were in serious danger and having engine trouble at 5:30pm on Saturday, so New Brighton RNLI and Southport RNLI were launched.

The yacht was being pounded by large waves while it was stuck on a sandbank just off the sefton coast, at one point a crew member nearly fell overboard.

HM Coastguard helicopter - Rescue 936
HM Coastguard helicopter in action over New Brighton. Credit: RNLI/Bob Warwick

As radio communications between the RNLI crews and the yacht had cut out, a coastguard helicopter was scrambled.

This was so anyone that fell overboard could be collected out of the water.

The yacht was eventually towed back to New Brighton by both RNLI crews.

Dave Lowe, Senior Helmsman at New Brighton said: “The yacht was being pounded by heavy surf on the incoming tide”

“With no radio communications between us and too far for shouts to be heard we requested that the helicopter to should collect anyone who ended up in the sea”

Beach crew and rig with line to yacht
Beach crew and rig with line to yacht. Credit: RNLI/Bob Warwick

He continued: “At one point Tim Weare was nearly washed overboard from the deck of the yacht.

“I am very proud of my crew, they did a great job in difficult and very dangerous conditions.”

The 83 year old 8 ton yacht was on its way to Rhyl when it had suffered with an overheating engine that caused it to cut out.

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