Met Office issues Merseyside more weather warnings after severe thunderstorms sweep the country

Thunderstorms over Liverpool on Wednesday night.. CREDIT:@webspressouk

Thunderstorms over Liverpool on Wednesday night.. CREDIT:@webspressouk

On Wednesday parts of the UK saw apocalyptic thunderstorms, more than 40,000 homes were left without power and over 19,500 lightning strikes were recorded across the UK.

This came after the UK was hotter than places such as Miami, Indonesia, Beijing, Brazil, Barcelona, Ibiza and Athens.

More thunderstorms are set to sweep across the country on Friday, which could impact parts of Merseyside according to the Met Office.

A chief forecaster at the Met Office commented on Friday’s Thunderstorm risk: ‘An active cold front moving northeastwards will become unstable as it encounters warm, moist air ahead of it.

‘This is likely to lead to some heavy rain and thunderstorms.

He added: ‘Whilst not lasting for very long in any given place, rainfall is likely to be briefly very intense with hail, locally combining with lightning and gusty winds’

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Wirral Weather Warning Map

The Met Office severe weather warnings for Thunderstorms and heavy rain are in place from 2pm Thursday – 12pm Saturday.

They say the electrical storms on Friday are likely to become more frequent later and spread northwards.

With the thunderstorms more torrential downpours are possible leading to localised surface water flooding.

We should point out that large uncertainty remains regarding areas most at risk from storms, and many areas will miss these altogether, staying largely dry.

Throughout the week temperatures will remain in the low 20’s.

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