HEATWAVE: Merseyside temperatures to reach 30C as Britain set to bake in hottest day for 12 years

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Hot southern air to warm up UK next week

The Met Office and current weather forecast models are predicting african heat dominating the weather this week.

The warm air will send Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s temperatures soaring on Wirral & Merseyside to at least 27C, inland areas could see the mercury rise to 30C.

Temperatures on Merseyside will put Greece in the shade and the UK as a whole could be hotter than California.

Parts of Britain are guaranteed to see temperatures of at least 33C on Wednesday, which would make it the hottest day since 2003, when on the 10th August temperatures reached a scorching 38.5C in Brogdale, Kent.

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Malcolm Booth, chief executive of the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners, said: “Often the focus is on the cold weather which kills thousands but extreme heat can be just as dangerous.

“It is important to keep an eye on vulnerable friends and neighbours and to stay inside during the very hot weather.

“Helping out with shopping and making sure they are alright can save lives during heatwave conditions.”

Warning for the elderly in hot weather
Warning for the elderly in hot weather

There is a risk of Thunderstorms and heavy rain for some Merseyside areas on Wednesday.

Although wet and potentially stormy weather, it’ll still feel very warm and humid with sunny spells in between showers.

Temperatures will still be in the mid 20’s for the remainder of the week.

A Met Office spokesman said:

“As is traditional with hot weather in the UK in the summer it may end with thunderstorms.

“A band of cloud and rain, which could be heavy at times, will be pushed across the UK midweek”.

[Heatwave Outlook]: Tuesday – Dry and bright, highs of 26C+. Wednesday: Wet & potentially stormy for some. In-between showers there will be warm bright spells with highs of 28C – 30C

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Chance of thundery downpours on Thursday