25C summer temps expected next week on Wirral & Merseyside, but you may need your brolly!

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Hot air from southern europe will warm up the UK next week

An area of low pressure will drag warmer european air towards the UK next week.

This will result in a rise in temperatures for the UK, with Merseyside temps expected to reach over 25C and parts of the south up to 30C.

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Warmer air from southern europe will raise temps next week. – BBC WEATHER

The beginning of the week will start dry with temperatures around 21C, so Monday should be quite a nice warm day.

On Tuesday the temperatures will increase further as we could see 25C widely

The picture will be slightly different on Merseyside than the south on Wednesday, as a weather front will track eastwards towards the region, bringing wetter and cloudier conditions as southern areas of the UK bask in more summer sunshine.


Forecasters are suggesting that inbetween the mid week showers, we may see some bright warm spells, so it’s not a complete washout yet, it should feel very warm once the sun comes out and by the mid week temps could be creeping over 25C.

With the warmer air and the weather front there’s a risk of Thunderstorms, so don’t be surprised if there is a few flashes of lightning next week too.

(recent warm weather has brought out the humming bird moths)

Met Office spokesman Nicola Maxey said: ‘There’s an area of low pressure developing off the coast.

‘Where that ends up will dictate where the high pressures develop, which influences how stable the weather is and the temperatures.

She added: ‘A band of cloud and rain, which could be heavy at times, will then be pushed across the UK midweek’.

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Chance of warmer spells in-between the wetter weather

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