Heavy rain & temperatures to drop by 11C at the weekend

Chance of thundery rain.

Chance of thundery rain.

On Thursday we recorded a top temp of 25.8C making it the hottest day of the year on Wirral.

But it’s looking like it’s time to dust of the coat at the weekend, as colder air will push the hot air out of the way leading to a difference in temperatures from Friday night.Document8

Saturday will be back to the miserable wet theme, a cloudy and wet day with persistent, and often heavy potentially thundery rain affecting the region. It will feel much cooler. The maximum temperature will be 16°C.

Sunday will start cloudy with patchy rain. It will remain cloudy and cool throughout the day and night. Feeling much colder than recently. The maximum temperature will be 14°C, making it 11°C colder than Thursday.

Predicted rain radar for Saturday morning.

Predicted rain radar for Saturday morning.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicky Maxey commented on the change in weather, she told The Mirror:  “Saturday and Sunday will be much cooler than the past couple of days.

She added: “If you catch a thunderstorm it is likely you will see some torrential downpours before things cool down into the weekend”.


Next week isn’t looking too bad temperature wise as there could be highs of 19C at times, however, the week is set to mostly cloudy and the sun may struggle to send temperatures soaring like on Thursday.

We will have more on next weeks weather on Sunday.

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