50mph winds, heavy rain & warmer temperatures means a mixed start to Summer 2015

Windy start to Summer
Windy start to Summer

The first week of summer has arrived in the Meteorological calendar and what a mixed week it’s set to be, with severe weather warnings for wind, heavy rain and then a Mediterranean end to the week.

To start the first summer week, a powerful jet stream stretching across the Atlantic into the UK will steer a number of active weather systems across the UK during Monday and Tuesday.

This will bring a swathe of gales, with gusts of up to 55mph possible in some areas of Merseyside.

Winds will become more west or southwesterly on Tuesday, with further gusts of up to 40mph, before gradually easing later in the day.

Heavy rain will accompany the strong winds at times, with up to 20mm possible in places and large waves that may affect costal areas.

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Warmer weather on the way
Warmer weather on the way

Further in the week high pressure and warm winds from the mediterranean will arrive at the UK from Wednesday, bringing drier and warmer spells of sunshine.

Temperatures are expected to climb to at least 18C on Merseyside.

Although there’s expected to be a fair bit of cloud around it will still feel much warmer than recently, especially when the sun does appear.

A meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “It will be a week of two halves. The first half will be very unsettled. There are likely to be spells of rain and it will be pretty windy and quite cool for start of June.

“But Wednesday is the transition day. Pressure will build across the country and the weather will turn drier and sunnier.

“Temperature wise, it will be significantly warmer than in recent weeks, it will be a marked change from cool to warmer weather across the UK.”

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(Warmer air heading towards the UK from Wednesday)

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