Spanish air set to warm up Merseyside, but how long will it last ?

Air from Spain set to warm up Merseyside. West Kirby sunset – CREDIT: Alex Dillon

Spanish air is set to warm up the UK & Merseyside on Monday, but we all want to know if this is going to last..

High pressure will build allowing warmer air from Spain over the UK, with temperatures in the high teens or low twenties at the start of the week on Monday.

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New Brighton lighthouse lights up again during the sunny weather
New Brighton lighthouse lights up again during the sunny weather

But the nice spell of weather to start the new week wont last, as the jet stream will change position allowing a colder Polar Maritime airmass to the UK, resulting in cooler and wetter weather towards the middle of the week.

Temps will drop from Tuesday and rain could occur for the rest of next week from Thursday, with rain heavy at times and temperatures back into the low teens.

Wetter weather will return towards the end of next week..

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel UK, said:  “At the moment a southerly flow looks likely next Monday and Tuesday.

“This will bring higher temperatures northwards from Iberia and by Monday temperatures could peak in the mid-20s.”

“The warmth will soon be swept away by the middle of next week and it will become windy with winds from the Atlantic bringing temperatures back down to near or slightly below normal.”

Here’s a Met Office graphic showing why temps will fall from Tuesday:

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Check out our video of the dazzle ship on a beautiful dazzling sunny day:

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