UPDATED: Wirral Weekend Weather & Will next weeks warm temperatures last ?

Warm start to next week, but typical British weather may be back by the end of the week..

This week has been a very wet and windy week on Wirral, however, the weather is set to dramatically improve next week with warmer temperatures, the question is.. How long will this last ?


Saturday: Rather cloudy with showers in the morning. Turning drier and brighter later in the day. Winds mostly light.

Maximum Temperature 12C.

Sunday: A rather cloudy day. Staying dry but with freshening southwesterly winds. Feeling cool in the wind.

Maximum Temperature: 16C


High pressure will build allowing warmer air from Spain over the UK, temperatures in the high teens or low twenties at the start of the week on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. (read more about that here).

Although the nice spell of weather to start the new week, this wont last as the jet stream will change position allowing low pressure systems across to the UK, resulting in cooler and wetter weather towards the end of the week.

Rain could occur for the rest of next week from Thursday, with rain heavy at times and temperatures that could have fallen by 10C compared to Monday.

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