Mediterranean air set to send temps soaring to over 20C on Merseyside

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Warmer air set to rise Monday temps on Merseyside

A plume of warm southerly air from the Mediterranean is set to warm up the UK and Merseyside after the weekend.

At the start of next week there will be a big difference in temperatures than what we have saw during this weeks cold 10C temps, 45mph gusts and rain.

From Sunday and through next week temperatures are set to rise as the warm air arrives over Merseyside, with Sunday seeing highs of 16C and the following few days of the new week experiencing temperatures of up to 20C or more.


New Brighton beach packed during the warm weather

Although the warm temperatures, the Met Office say that the Wirral is set to be cloudy during the start of next week, with the chance of some sunny spells.

So when ever the sun pops out it will feel very warm indeed, under cloud it may feel slightly cooler.


Temps set to rise on Monday.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel UK, said:  “At the moment a southerly flow looks likely next Monday and Tuesday.

“This will bring higher temperatures northwards from Iberia and by next Tuesday temperatures could peak in the mid-20s.”

The warm weather isn’t set to last all week as the positioning of the jet stream will change, allowing low pressure systems from the atlantic to bring cooler and wetter weather towards the end of the next week.

NEXT WEEKS THUNDERSTORM RISK: LOW – as the warm air clashes with the current colder air over the UK there is a slight possibility of flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder.

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Watch the dazzle ship dazzle in the warm sunshine in our video below:


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