WATCH: Snow spotted on Wirral as Christmas is celebrated 8 months early

After last years christmas tree in Liscard Wirral was voted one of the worst in the World, something had to be done to put Liscard back on the festive map.

Local businesses set up a Christmas display on 29th April, to show the world the town can put on a good festive show and to ultimately try to raise money so that Liscard can have an impressive display this christmas.

last years tree made it into Buzzfeeed’s worst Christmas trees in Britain list

Danny McLeod, from Birkenhead-based Argyle Taxis, teamed up with John White, manager of the Cherry Tree Shopping Centre in a bid to raise £25,000 so that local residents can have a festive display that would rival other towns and cities.

Danny McLeoad said: “I’ve been absolutely blown away by the public’s support. There has been some negativity on Facebook but what we’ve achieved today goes to prove that it can be done.”

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Here are our photo’s from the Christmas that arrived 8 moths early:

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One comment

  1. We loved participating in this great event. Danny had a brilliant idea and truly brought the community together!
    Our Snow Queen and Snow Man were truly overwhelmed by the attention of the crowd, thanks for having us! 🙂 ❄️

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