Wirral Weather: Time to dust off the coat as chilly Arctic air sweeps across the region

Arctic airmass will make temps fall this week.

Wirral & Merseyside basked in 20C temperatures last week and that will seem like a distant memory, as Arctic air sweeps across the country this week.

Day time temperatures will struggle to stay above 10C on Wirral and nightly lows of 5C are expected, as the northerly flow with polar origins arrives.

Nightly lows of 5C predicted this week
Nightly lows of 5C predicted this week

The low temperatures added to the strong winds will certainly make the region feel colder than recently, as the chilly winds will make temperatures feel closer to below freezing at times, especially on Monday night.

The rest of the week will see some sunny spells, wind, rain and it’ll feel very cold near the coasts, especially during Tuesday when gusts of up to 45mph could be expected. This weeks average temperature will be 10C.

Temps set to drop this week
Temps set to drop this week

A Met Office spokesperson said: ‘This week will not be drastically cold, but it certainly will be a change compared to our recent mild weather.

‘This week will also see several weather fronts rolling in which will lead to shattered showers across the country.’

Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxey, explained: “The weather has started to change and it is coming from the Arctic.

“We have had a long stretch of quite settled weather where high pressure has dominated, but that has moved out. This cold air has moved in from the Arctic and that is moving slowly south.”

Ms Maxey added: “We are in colder air for this week which is coming down from the Arctic.

“It looks like we are staying fairly unsettled into the start of May with temperatures average or a bit below average.”

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